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[Complete]Scheduled Regular Maintenance(October 11th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Island.


Scheduled regular maintenance time will be held on the following time.



- (Game) 2018/10/11 00:30AM(UTC) ~ 2018/10/11 03:30AM(UTC)
- (Web) 2018/10/11 00:30AM(UTC) ~ 2018/10/11 03:00AM(UTC)



- Server stabilization
- Growth level limit will be increased to 2000
- Max level of Growth Ability will be increased
- Unique 2 Star items will be added
- New Unique items, Craft items, Reward items will be added
- Critical resistance of certain Elite 4 monsters will be increased
- Minotaur Labyrinth B3 Dangerous Area 2 Difficulty 2 will be added
- Karla's Manor Annex Basement Dangerous Area Difficulty 2 will be added
- Thief Labyrinth option Throwing Dagger Damage Increase will be increased


You will not be able to access Lodoss War Online during the maintenance.

Thank you.



As of 03:30AM(UTC), you are able to access Lodoss War Online normally.