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[Complete]Scheduled Regular Maintenance(June 14th)




Hello, heroes of Lodoss Island.


Scheduled regular maintenance time will be held on the following time.



- (Game) 2018/06/14 00:30AM(UTC) ~ 2018/06/14 03:30AM(UTC)
- (Web) 2018/06/14 00:30AM(UTC) ~ 2018/06/14 03:00AM(UTC)



- Server stabilization
- L&K Privacy Policy will be altered according to Eurpope GDPR
- A confirmation window will appear when you select your options while resurrecting after dying
- A separated chat window can now be deleted\

- Bug fix
Item tooltip of Ancient Treasure - Elixir of "Stat" will be fixed, so it shows that total of 10 stats between all stats can be upgraded with the elixir
Item Raider's Selection Box providing random rewards will be fixed.


You will not be able to access Lodoss War Online during the maintenance.

Thank you.



As of 04:30AM(UTC), you are able to access Lodoss War Online normally.