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[Complete]Scheduled Regular Maintenance(June 4th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Island.


Scheduled regular maintenance time will be held on the following time.



- (Game) 2018/06/04 00:30AM(UTC) ~ 2018/06/04 03:30AM(UTC)
- (Web) 2018/06/04 00:30AM(UTC) ~ 2018/06/04 03:00AM(UTC)



- Server stabilization
- May Sky Blue Summer Event ends (3 days prematurely)
- June Burning Sun Event begins

Please note Day 26~28 reward of May Sky Blue Summer event will be provided along with Day 1~3 reward of June Burning Sun event.

You will be able to receive both the rewards.

- Bug fix
High Guardian and Super Bishop's position in raid frame shown as dealer will be fixed.
Second Class Change skills not being able to be obtained right after Second Class Change will be fixed.
Second Class Change classes not being able to receive benefit of Mercenary class ability "Specialize" will be fixed.
Puppet tooltip showing incorrect skill information will be fixed.
Grand Wizard second skill upgrade "Freeze" not receiving Unique Option "Freeze damage increase" will be fixed.


You will not be able to access Lodoss War Online during the maintenance.

Thank you. 



As of 03:30AM(UTC), you are able to access Lodoss War Online normally.