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[Event]Lodoss War Online 1st Anniversary Event Part 1

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Island.


It's been a whole year since the Grand Opening of Lodoss War Online.

To celebrate this unique occasion, we will be offering some experiences we never offered before.


1. Meet the GM!


2018/04/06 00:00AM(UTC) ~ 2018/04/06 09:00AM(UTC)


Our [GM]Mikael will randomly turn up in Jackson Town to have a chat with our users on many topics.

He will also make a party to go hunting in exploration dungeons.

This will be a chance to voice your opinions directly to the developers of the game.

Also, a chance to get to know the person who will be running Lodoss War Online, and hear his story.


2. Capture the GM!


2018/04/06 00:00AM(UTC) ~ 2018/04/06 09:00AM(UTC)


Capture a screenshot of you interacting with [GM]Mikael, and upload it on our official facebook


We will be randomly selecting 5 winners and providing them with the items listed below.




Please note
1. Only one category of items will be provided to one winner.
2. Event details could be changed due to internal affairs.
   Any changes made will be notified in a separate announcement.


More events with great rewards are on the way in our part 2 of the 1st Anniversary Event.

Thank you.