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[Info] About Field Raid Boss, and 8-man Raid Instance

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands. 


There has been a misinformation provided in our previous patchnotes about field raid bosses, and 8-man party raid instances.


We have fixed the patchnote, and here are the correct information for the contents.


Field Raid Renewal
- Original field raid monsters are relocated, and a new field raid boss is added.
- You can hunt field raid bosses in fields from locations listed below.




8-man Raid Instance
- You can enter into a 8-man raid instance from the area listed below.

- When the raid boss regenerates, NPC Sarah will appear in front of the obelisk.

- You can enter into the raid map with your party members by interacting with the NPC.

- NPC Sarah remains for 30 minutes after appearance.