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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes 4 (January 6th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands. 


Here are detailed patchnotes for January 6th update.


12. Raid System Renewal

Field Raid Renewal
- Original field raid monsters are relocated, and a new field raid boss is added.
- You can hunt field raid bosses in fields from locations listed below.




8-man Raid Instance
- You can enter into a 8-man raid instance from the area listed below.

- When the raid boss regenerates, NPC Sarah will appear in front of the obelisk.

- You can enter into the raid map with your party members by interacting with the NPC.

- NPC Sarah remains for 30 minutes after appearance.





40-man Weekly Raid Instance
- You can select weekly raid instance from bottom right hand side of the game screen.
- In Raid application window, you can choose which raid you wish to apply.



- In each raid instance, up to 40 members can participate.
- For each instance, after eliminating the second named boss, no other people can enter.
- If you leave during raid 3 times in one day, you will receive a penalty and will not be able to participate in a raid instance for 30 minutes every single time you dodge.
- You can participate in raid instance as many times as you want, but you can only claim the main reward once per day.
- If you are disconnected, you will be reconnected to the same raid instance as long as you reconnect within 3 minutes, if the raid is still in progress.


13. Exploration Dungeon entry inherit system

- You can now create extra Exploration Dungeon entry chance with Grand Gold.
- If you have not connected to the game or connected and have not entered Exploration Dungeon, you are provided with 1 “Unused Exploration Dungeon Ticket”.




- For each day you do not attempt Exploration Dungeon, the ticket stacks once, up to 6 days. (6 unused exploration dungeon ticket)
- The accumulated number of “Unused exploration dungeon ticket” is reset every week, on Monday.
- You can convert 1 “Unused exploration dungeon ticket” to 1 extra Exploration Dungeon entry chance for 5 Grand Gold Coins.
- If you do not use this extra Exploration Dungeon entry chance on the day you charged it, the extra chance becomes lost.
- You can view the number of “Unused exploration dungeon ticket” from character information, or exploration dungeon menu.


14. Elementalist Balance Change

- The Stat increased from Growth Ability now affects the summoned elementals as well as the elementalist.
- Adventurer ability and Class ability do not affect the summoned elementals.