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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes 3 (January 6th)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands. 


Here are detailed patchnotes for January 6th update. 


8. Item Upgrade System Renewal

- You can upgrade your item up to +20, reduced from +40.
- You will not be able to upgrade an item over +20.
- Items already upgraded over +20 will not be changed.
- Any upgrade over +20 will not have any effect.
- You will be provided with information window showing upgrade details when you try to upgrade your items.


9. Item Shop Renewal

- Allen shop now sells “Smoked chicken leg”, which heals 100LP.
- Smoked chicken leg has 5 second cooldown, and shares cooldown with Red Apple.
- Aria’s Seal shop now sells “Ancient Treasure – Equipment Upgrade scroll” at 150 “Adventurer seals” or 1600 “Labyrinth mana fragments”
- Aria’s seal shop now requires less Adventurer seals / Labyrinth mana fragments for purchase.
- Sarah’s Labyrinth shop now requires less Labyrinth mana fragments for purchase.
- Nell’s Raid token shop is open in Adventurer Associaion.


10. Heroes Trace Shop Renewal

- The items listed below are added to Heroes Trace Shop.




- You can randomly obtain one of the items listed below from “Ancient Treasure – Netherworld Box”.




- You can make “Ancient Treasure – Netherworld Box” with the ingredients listed below.



11. Pub Interior Makeup Quest

- You can change up furniture of the Pub in Adventurer Association after completing a series of quests.
- The quest tree begins with the quest “Recruiting” from Jeremy, and after completing the quest chain, you can obtain furniture blueprints after completing quests provided from other NPCs.




- For Silvia, Rosera, Gracia, and Luna, visit their houses after completing their loyalty quest and use dowsing on boxes to obtain the blueprints.
- For Garrett, complete her dowsing quest to obtain the blueprints.