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[Update]Lodoss War Online Patchnotes (November 2nd)

Hello, heroes of Lodoss Islands.


Here are the detailed patchnotes for November 2nd updates.



1. Maximum Level Cap increases to 50

The level cap, currently set at 45, will be increased to 50, and the experience points required to level up to 44, and 45 will be adjusted accordingly.


2. NPC Shop Renewal

NPC Ariel in Adventurer Association brings in new items in her new Mystic Stone Shop.



NPC Allen in field shrines now sell basic equipment and buff potions


3. New 6 Star Rare Item Drop

You can now collect 4 of the 6 Star Rare items from different fields.





4. Heroes Article Renewal

You now obtain "Heroes Traces" for each set completion reward.




Each Heroes Trace items can be used in Sagah's Heroes Trace Shop.


Below are the items you can purchase with your Heroes Traces.



Please note that the items you purchase from Heroes Traces shop are untradable.


Please check the tables below for "New Weapon Box[Global]", "New Protective Equipment Box", and "Treasure Box[Global]".







You can also exchange ingredients in Sagah's ingredient shop.





5. Level Penalty Reduction


You now only receive level penalty if you kill monsters more than 11 levels below your character's level.

You will be able to receive full benefit with monsters up to 10 levels below your character.



6. Hidden Boss in Exploration Dungeons

You randomly encounter hidden boss "Team Nighthawk" if you start exploration dungeons with a party of 4 or more.

"Team Nighthawk" consists of three members, Louise, Mungchi, and Kukurin.

You can claim "Louise's Equipment Box[Global]" after eliminating "Team Nighthawk", which you can open and randomly obtain the items below.




From "Louise's Equipment Box[Low]" and "Louise's Equipment Box[Mid]", you can then randomly claim one of the items below.





All the items from "Louise's Equipment Box[Low]" and "Louise's Equipment Box[Mid]" comes with 1 rare options.




7. Low Boss Summon Level in Labyrinths

You can enter into a special boss level after clearing every 5 floors in Fallen Labyrinth Dungeons, by interacting with the "Coffin of Immortality".

After you clear 5 floors of a chapter of Fallen Labyrinth, "Coffin of Immortality" will appear.

By selecting "Open the coffin", you ask your party members if they agree to move to the "Low Boss Summon" Level.

You move into the level once everyone agrees to enter.

Every Low Boss Summon level plays the same as other Labyrinth floors.

If you possess either "Immortal Key" or "Immortal Key[Tradable]" in your inventory when you eliminate the boss monster in the "Low Boss Summon" level, 1 key is expended and you can obtain 1 "Immortal Loot Box[Low]" as a reward.

If you have both "Immortal Key" and "Immortal Key[Tradable]" in your inventory when you eliminate the boss, only 1 "Immortal Key" (the untradable one) is expended, and you only obtain 1 "Immortal Loot Box[Low]".

If you do not have any "Immortal Key" or "Immortal Key[Tradable] in your inventory, you cannot claim any reward for eliminating the boss.

NPC Sarah the Keeper of Labyrinth now provides daily quests to trade 1 "Ancient Material - Mystic Stone" with "Immortal Key" (untradable), once per day per character.

NPC Sarah, the Keeper of Labyrinth now sells "Immortal Equipment Box[Mid]" for 50 "Immortal Shards".

You can randomly obtain one of the items listed below when you open "Immortal Loot Box[Low]".




You can randomly obtain one of the items listed below when you open "Immortal Equipment Box[Mid]".




All the items from Louise's Equipment Box comes with 1 rare options.